PVC Hose Manufacturer in China


Our company is a major manufacturer of pvc hose, flexible hoses and tubing made with PVC plastic. With years of experience, the company operates a state of the art pvc tube extrusion plant and compounding facilities in the northern China with global activities throughout the world.

pvc hose company

Our portfolio of PVC hoses and tubes The variety includes garden hoses, coil hoses, specialty hoses (agricultural hoses, fire fighting hoses, gas hoses and more), food grade hoses, dairy pipes and medical hoses.

The company has decades of experience and production factory allow for fast response to all customer needs. With tight quality control premium-grade formulas that comply with the most recent international standards, we are geared at supplying the pvc hoses and tubes that best match its customer requirements. All our company’s products are manufactured to ensure a long life span.

PVC hoses are sold to many OEM partners as well as under our own brand. The flexibility in time to market and production quality position us as a strong partner for any company seeking innovation and long lasting supply in the hoses market.

We specialize in design, development and manufacture of high grade and high resistance PVC and Hose products appropriate for various applications. Our customers and clients have come to expect innovation and quality from our company, and year on year we exceed expectation.