PVC Hose Manufacturer in China

Complete Manufacturer of Flex Hose in Asia

Our company has been in the flexbile pvc hose manufacturing business many years. We are specially devoted to the products of pvc hose piple. The main products we now produces and exports are pvc spring hose, net hose, flat hose, yellow air hose, clear hose and garden hose.

pvc hose china

Among them, the pvc spring hose is the type of flex hose reinforced with steel wire in the wall the hose pipe. It has special high strength and can be used in the industry. A lot of industry are now using the spring hose as parts of the machinery or direct usage of it.

PVC braided hose is reinforced with netting inside of the wall. It is typically flexible and strong at the same time. The netting is light weight. It make sure the hose is flexible without bearing too much weight.

Another widely used product is spray hose or garden hose we normally call. The garden hose are produced to endure the high pressure of the water in the body. Its burst pressure is very high.

The technique of production is now very good. The quality is consistent and there is minor defects from the production line. As a manufacturer of pvc hose in China, we are to be one of the largest exporters of pvc braided hose in the world.