PVC Hose Manufacturer in China

Multiple Uses for PVC Hose

PVC hose is a kind of plastic hose made for various purposes of the industrial and civil uses. Polyvinyl chloride, poly (vinyl chloride), commonly known as PVC, is the third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer in nowadays.

Multiple Usage

Hoses and tubes are made with many kinds of materials. The material can be rubber and pvc mostly. A lot of different types of pvc hose are produced in factories in China. The quality is high and the application can be in many places such as water convey, fluids transfering, etc. When it comes to our products, we make the steel wire or fibre reinforced type. They can be used as water discharge layflat hose or garden hose.

pvc hose manufacturer

The garden hose are used at home for garden irragation. The hoses will be jointed with fittings and the body is much more flexible than regular hoses. Rubber hoses are quite a diffrent thing because of the material is more expensive compared with plastic. Rubber hose are used in industry.

The largest production base in the world is now located in China. With its good price and quality the chinese manufacturers are gaining more than half of the world market. The dealers, wholesalers and suppliers mostly import from China.