PVC Hose Manufacturer in China

Flexible PVC Hose Manufacturer in China

Flexible PVC Hose Factory

The Wide Range of Flexible PVC Hoses

garden hose

The pvc hose is a flexible hose that can be used in many different applications and conditions. The major use is to be used as water hose, which is used to transport fluids including water, oil, milk, juice, etc. Plastic…
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Spring Hose Made with Steel Wire Reinforcement

spring hose steel wire flex hose china

PVCĀ steel wire reinforced hose is manufactured with the new type reinforced pvc vinyl. Its hardness and burst pressure has increased greatly. There are many production methods for the spring hose. Among them, the new type spring hose is the most…
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Complete Manufacturer of Flex Hose in Asia

pvc hose china

Our company has been in the flexbile pvc hose manufacturing business many years. We are specially devoted to the products of pvc hose piple. The main products we now produces and exports are pvc spring hose, net hose, flat hose,…
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Clear Food Grade Vinyl Hose

Clear Food Grade Vinyl Hose

As a food grade pvc hose manufacturer we produce food tubes and milk hoses for distributors and dairy parlor manufacturers worldwide, supplying successful and widely in the world. As a pvc hose manufacturer, we are proud to be part of…
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Flexible Garden Hose Made of Vinyl PVC

garden hose pvc hose suppliers

Need a strong garden hose supplier? From pvc hose, gas hose, water hose, air hose and garden hose, we have all your outdoor water solutions at cheap prices. As we can tell by the name, garden hoses are commonly used…
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What is Steel Wire Reinforced Flex Hose

steel wire reinforced pvc hose manufacturer

PVC steel wire hose is made with reinforced vinyl which has better resistance to pressure and hardness. There are many production types. The main kind at the market is high pressure steel wire hose, low pressure type and clear hose….
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