PVC Hose Manufacturer in China

Spring Hose Made with Steel Wire Reinforcement

PVC steel wire reinforced hose is manufactured with the new type reinforced pvc vinyl. Its hardness and burst pressure has increased greatly. There are many production methods for the spring hose. Among them, the new type spring hose is the most widely used product in the market.

According to the usage of the product, it can be categorized into many types.  The steel wire reinforced pvc hose can be Industrial Grade and Food Grade.

  • Industrial Grade:  Industrial Water, Waste Water, Oil, Dust, Chemical, Powder
  • Food Grade: Juice, Milk, Drinkable Water, Wine, Beer, etc

No matter for what use, the fluid has to be non-corrisive matters. And they should have low concentration. The hose is a flexible hose with spring(steel wire) inside the wall of the pipe. It is not easy to break.

spring hose steel wire flex hose china

  • High Elasticity
  • High Strength Zinc Coated Steel Wire
  • Good quality PVC Vinyl
  • Clear Pipe Wall
  • Anti-corrosion

The steel wire pipe is good substitue for rubber hose in most cases. Can be used in agricultural machinery, oil tanks, petro equipment, industrial and mining equipments, food processing. The working temperature is -10 to 90 degree. Working pressure is 0.4 Mpa. Burst pressure is 1.2 Mpa.

Flex vinyl hose can be categorized into netting hose, water hose, water spray hose, pvc braided hose. The material can be metal, stainless steel, rubber and plastic.  It has great flexibility so it can be called flex hose in commercial. The steel wire hose is a heavy duty garden hose used in civil works.

As a manufacturer of pvc hose in China, our company produce a lot of garden hose, spring hose, steel wire reinfored flex pipe for export to many countries.