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What is Steel Wire Reinforced Flex Hose

PVC steel wire hose is made with reinforced vinyl which has better resistance to pressure and hardness. There are many production types. The main kind at the market is high pressure steel wire hose, low pressure type and clear hose. They can be used in totally different situations.

The one with steel wire is the most poplar nowadays. It has industrial grade(Conveying of water, oil, waste water, powder, chemicals) and food grade(juice, milk, drinkable water, spirit, wine, beer, etc), wind power plant, water draining, et.

The material used for the pvc hose has to be low in chemical corrosion. This type of tube has a clear wall, smooth and bubble free. The fluids can be seen clearly. It is very durable with a long lift span. In the high pressure it works well keeping its original shape. The working temprature is -10 to 90 degrees with working bar 0.4Mpa and burst bar:1.2MPa.
steel wire flex pvc hose manufacturer

Flex PVC Vinyl Hose

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When it comes to our life, the steel wire reinforced pvc hose can be categoried into drainage hose, spray hose, garden hose, food hose and so on. Our company is a manufacturer of pvc hose in China, with more than 30 engineers and 100 workers to make the best tube products.